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SailFit is an authorized dealer for Elliptigo, the super fun outdoor elliptical bike!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and GO for a test ride!

Sailfit travelSailFit started in 1994 and was originally incorporated under the name of Great White Performance Racing. The idea for the intitial business came because sailors were having difficulty moving their boats from one regatta to the next. Some sailors were not attending regattas because they did not have a decent boat available for them to use.  This was quite a dilemma for these sailors.



Sailfit Seminar

We are very pleased to continue to teach Laser sailors from beginner through advanced. With our many years of experience we have plenty of information to share and many new ideas and “secrets” that you will learn only from us. Our teaching style focuses on individual improvement no matter what level of sailor you are. If you are a beginner you will be working more on your large scale ability to handle the boat properly in a variety of drills and sailing conditions. If you are an advanced sailor, more on your technique, style and feel to improve your speed and recognize changes in the sailing conditions and tactical situations.


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